Sustainability Kid isn’t just for Kids…

Why Sustainability Kid?

Snowing in Alberta.

It’s snowing out today, and as such what a great day to offer my readers some insights into this eco-friendly website.

What started off as a website that was mainly focused on children has become a site that offers all age groups around the world thought provoking insights into Eco Businesses, leading Eco Gurus, along with social, economic and environmental issues and solutions.

Yes, there is a store component to Sustainability Kid that offers excellent Eco, and Vintage products. One day, I hope to have a section for handmade items too. screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-1-43-23-pmThat being said, I am also always on the look out for other products that do not grace my store, which have amazing eco qualities to them that I can then share on my blog.  At this time, Sustainability Kid is about looking after our future generations, by addressing hot topics of today that are occurring around the world, which no doubt affect sustainability.  My main hope for this website is for it to be a platform to build sustainability awareness.

My background… Why did I start this site?

First, I started this site because I love our world, and the life that exists on this planet.  I wanted to share my passion for nature, sustainable living, and help bring awareness to other people that are making a positive difference in our world.

I’d also written a five part sustainability children’s series: The Adventures of Charlie Tucker, which I will add some links to down the road. Who knows, I might even publish it on Kindle.12694989_796967173783065_6468344348916994916_o

Another compelling reason…  I now have a six month old son. I’d like to set a great example for him, and I know my actions today will affect his future.

What I love about our world?

When thinking of our world, I can never get enough of sunrises and sunsets; or, the soft waves smashing against the shorelines whilst the strong smell of salt lingers in the air. Then there is the prairie breeze that reminds me time is finite here, and the changing seasons will come all to soon.

I love our Earth, and its many creatures. There is so much variety of life!  I strongly believe that Sustainability Kid will be able to bring awareness to our natural world and those people who are helping to bring balance back.

What is my education?

Educationally, I have a Philosophy and Sociology background, along with project management where I specialized in sustainability.  I also have dabbled in PR, HR, an MBA, and exercise physiology.  I love researching different topics too.

I also have been a past competitive golfer; a passion of mine which I am unable to fulfill as much as I used to be able too.  This is due to a back that gives me grievance.  All of these educational and sports avenues have left me as a generalist.

As well, for what it is worth, I grew up on a farm for most of my life.  That is, up until my early twenties. I loved living on the farm and being surrounded by animals. Before anything was marketed organic, I had goats milk and fresh farm eggs, plums and cherries and garden vegetables…

Elisabeth, part of the royal family of donkeys. A child's best friend.
Elisabeth, part of the Royal Family of Donkeys; A child’s best friend.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of eating snap peas from our garden, while my mom worked at tending her many vegetables.

Or, spending countless hours with our farm animals; mainly Elisabeth and Albert, our two miniature donkeys.

What is forecasted for Sustainability Kid?

Over the coming months and years, there will be articles that bring to light Sustainability topics that are socially, environmentally, and economically driven.

We cannot keep quiet when there are better ways of doing things.  Or, when others are suffering at the hands of systems that are stale-dated, and whose values are not in line with the greater good of society.

We can live in a world that is more sustainable.

Articles and Opinion Pieces?

Photo for “The All Things Eco Vlog.”

I am thrilled to share amazing and innovative companies, along with eco gurus who are finding solutions to problems in our world.

Solutions that will help secure a brighter future for upcoming generations.

We all share a huge responsibility whether we are parents or not, and that is of nurturing and taking care of our planet and other life forms. This world is not a one-stop shop for just us. Life goes on once we leave here.

Here’s to educational, and thought provoking articles! As well, stay tuned for my Vlog about “All Things Eco.”  Thank you for stopping in.

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