How We Produce Energy Matters!

Old Car. How Technology evolves…

Since humans figured out how to use fire, we have been evolving rapidly as a race on our planet.  Our Technocratic Era wouldn’t be possible without our ability to harvest energy from different sources.

Take a minute and look around you, everywhere there is energy being put to work.  What used to be new is now old, not because it doesn’t work a lot of the time, but because we have found a more effienct way of doing things.  We don’t just derive energy from fire these days!  We can harness it from tidal power, geothermal energy from the earths heat, electricity from water and dams and the list goes on.  Yet, what if there has been cleaner forms of energy available and created, yet these energy sources just never made it to the forefront of human usage. Sure, as it goes politics and a convenience factor most likely played its role too in stopping alternative clean energy’s from coming to mass human awareness.

On that note, I came across Electronic Media, which has some very interesting books and products that dive deeper into the alternative energy questions and answers.   Yes, this is an affiliate link.  I would gain a commission if you ever did decide to purchase from this website a book or other item. Why did I affiliate Sustainability Kid’s website with this other online company?  They really do offer some excellent books!  Solar Secrets: Debunking Myths of the Solar Industry by Peter Lindmann, D.Sc. is just one of the books you’ll find.

The thing with the internet and specifically certain search engines, well, your ability to find information that is unbiased is a challenge these days.  I believe picking up a book is one of the best ways to find yourself reading something about a topic that you mightn’t have read previously on the internet.  Yes, the internet is abounding with information, yet again… it is information tailored to you.  Your friend who searches the exact same information might just find something completely different using the same search words.

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