Sustainability Kid is all about offering you the best Eco products and handmade items!

As the Founder of Sustainability Kid, I believe what you buy has an impact on your life, and future generations to come… I’m a mom and I’m always thinking how my own actions will affect my son’s future.

I hope you find our store a valuable resource for finding green, clean and consumer conscious brands for your children and yourselves.

We will also be sharing Eco news stories, and doing interesting interviews with the creators of some of our Eco products we offer.

If you can’t find an Eco product on our site you enjoy using, send us an email: sustainabilitykid@gmail.com

We will try our best to get the item(s) in our store for you!

“We can meet our needs today by making informed conscientious purchases, and not have to compromise the needs of future generations .” ~ Crystal Knutson

Currently, some of our items are only available to ship within Canada and the United States. Please email us about a product if it is limited to North America, and we will see what can be done for you, thank you!

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