Month: August 2016


What’s your impact ?

It seems like a straightforward question  “what’s your impact?”… Until you start to realize just how far your impact can go… What we do with our lives has a definite impact on other people, the environment, and our own existence. Truth be told, looking into your own impact on the world can be life altering for you […]

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Vintage items support Sustainability!

Vintage is in! It has never been so popular to have old items. Some people leave them untouched, relishing how time has had its dance with them. Other people take vintage items and put a new twist on them; be it a new paint coat, some new buttons on a vintage coat, or upgrading the […]

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Sustainability Kid’s New Cartoon!

Sustainability Kid’s Cartoon It has been an epic journey so far momma, hasn’t it! Pregnancy was something else, and now you are on a whole new journey! We hope you enjoy our video! We are here to help you out.

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